Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful, Thankful!

Thanksgiving is almost here and I linked up with Stories by Storie to reflect on the top 10 things that I'm thankful for!  This was really fun to do...If you get a chance, link up with her, too! Just click on the graphic below to cruise over to her cute blog.

1.I am definitely thankful for my wonderful husband who will do anything for me...he is so caring, puts up with all of my teacher talk and extra work, and makes my life easier by running errands and  helping with all of our housework!  

2.We adopted our puppy, Kona, this August and she has added so much joy to our life!!  She definitely keeps us on our toes and forces us to keep our house picked up so she doesn't find anything good (like a sock, her favorite) to chew on.

3.My family is definitely...hmmm...one of a kind!!! They have the best sense of humor and every time we get together we spend hours talking and cracking up.  They are the people who get me and am sooo lucky to have them.

4. I love our little apartment in the city.  Although sometimes I wish we lived in a sprawling, new suburban house with granite counter tops and a main floor laundry room, I truly do love our little brownstone building in the best neighborhood...we can walk to all sorts of fun shops and restaurants.

5. My best friends (we call each other gal pals) are such ah-mazing people!  We have been best buds since middle school and although we grew a part for a little bit after college, we have recently reconnected and have the most fun get togethers with our significant others and even our puppies.

6. Yay for my knee/leg being back up and functioning since my fall at school (yes, sooo embarrassing) last June.  Now I need to get back on the exercise train.

7.  My students are such gems this year--I have the silliest characters in my class this year, and such a nice balance (10 girls, 9 boys) which makes a big difference.  

8. I worked pretty dang hard at a not-so-ideal teaching job to get to my wonderful job in a good district that I have now!  Sooo thankful for a not (as) stressful work environment!

9. TPT  and blogging has totally changed my professional life.  I think it has really made me a better teacher because of all of the resources offered, and also because I think carefully about the units and products I create.  I am thankful for the difference TPT has made in my teaching, and in my income.

10. It's almost Christmas...yay!!! My favorite time of year.  Although I do wait until after Thanksgiving to start the Christmas music and decorating.

Speaking of Christmas...please consider linking up with my Holiday Craft idea linky party--the crafts could be from Pinterest or your own ideas for your classroom or for the home.  It's looking pretty lonely over there...so please come give my linky some love.  

Thanks!! I will be back tomorrow or Thursday with another installment in my Daily 5 series plus some pictures of all of our Bear Unit fun from this week.  


  1. Kindergarten is going well!! (thank you for the comment =) Blogging and TPT have changed my life, too...for sure!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I love my adopted puppies too!! life just wouldn't be the same without their love and affection!!

    Happy thanksgiving!