Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reading Freebie!

Just a short note...

I've finished a big pack of reading fun!  It's called The Ultimate Primary Reading Comprehension Pack and it's 70 pages long, which is a big product for me!  I know some of you create those in your sleep, but this took me awhile:).
It's on sale for a limited time:).

What I like about this new pack is that you can use everything included with ANY book.  I have included informational/nonfiction response pages to go along with the fiction pages. There are also two fun games and a word spinner activity.  All of the worksheet printables are in black and white...that is always something I appreciate. Ink cartridges don't grow on trees! The pack is on sale for a very limited time at my TpT store, so stop over and check it out. help  you get a better idea of what's included in The Ultimate Primary Reading Comprehension Pack , here is a fabulous five page freebie, also available at TpT shop.  If you grab it, please give me some feedback!

A sample printable from my freebie pack!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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