Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm a Cooperating Teacher?!? Help Me!

Sooo...confession time.  I have NEVER had a real, full-time student teacher before.  Last semester, I had a pre-student teacher who was super helpful and great with the kiddos.  But now, this semester I am getting the real deal.  Like...she is showing up in my classroom tomorrow to meet me.  And then starting in a week.  I am a little nervous!  It seemed like only yesterday (okay, okay, it was five years ago) that I was the one student teaching.  I need some help with what else I should set up for her.

I guess I should probably try to organize the mountain of ???? that falls out of my supply cupboards when you open them so she can see what there is to work with.  What else?

I also started a student teaching binder (pictured below) with some general tidbits about our routine, school, my expectations, blah blah...kind of like a sub plan but I left some spots blank for her to fill in as she observes for the first day or two....is that lame?? 

These are some of the topics I typed info. about for my student teacher...if you have more suggestions, I would love to hear about them.
Beautiful binder tabs...hope she likes pink as much as me:)

Here is the cover that I whipped up last night! 

Wonderful teacher bloggers, I need your tips and ideas to become an amazing cooperating teacher!!! I know all of you have probably had a million trillion student teachers before...so share what you do to make your student teacher's time with successful and productive!

Comments or emails are soooo appreciated.  Thanks!!


  1. Your student teacher binder is a GREAT idea!

    I am no expert but I have had a few student teachers. I know that I usually let them watch and mostly assist for the first week. Then at the end of that first week, we will sit down and discuss what part of the day they would like to take over for the next week. By letting them choose, it helps them to feel a bit more comfortable and confident. Then at the end of the next week, they select another area. Generally, by the fourth or fifth week, I have them just about totally in charge.

    Another good idea is to try to lesson plan together for the first few weeks. That way you can ease them into that process as well. I never really let my student teacher take this over completely because they need guidance in learning to read and understand all of the standards that drive our instruction.

    Good luck and enjoy having the extra help around. Every time I have had a student teacher, I end up REALLY missing them when they are gone. I treat the time kind of like a co-teaching situation. The students REALLY benefit from having two teachers in the room rather than just one.


  2. Thanks for your ideas, Ann! Getting to know the standards is a great idea...I will make her a copy of our MN K standards.

  3. Hi Kelly :) Ann had some really good advice! I've never had a full intern either, so I can totally see where you're coming from. I did have 2 students from our local college request me for next year so I may be in the same boat pretty soon! I would have LOVED a binder like that when I was interning. What a sweet idea :) I also found this the other day from Rachelle Smith over at "What The Teacher Wants". It looks super cute, maybe to get some ideas from! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Ready-Set-Go-Getting-Your-Student-Teacher-Off-to-a-Great-Start

    I hope you enjoy having her! Please please let me know how it goes so I can prepare myself :)
    Thanks so much and good luck!! She's a lucky intern!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! I have seen that pack and debated whether or not to purchase it. Maybe I will go back and give it a second look.