Friday, February 17, 2012

Help with human body unit!

I need some help from YOU, dear readers.

I am teaching a unit on the human body for the first time next week. I do have my science portion of the day planned with some activities to show the role of important internal body parts, we are making an anatomy apron, and have plenty of read-alouds checked out from the library.

I would love some links for ideas for guided readers, levels B-K about the human body, and any interdisciplinary theme stuff to incorporate during guided reading centers, and/or math. If you have a human body unit for sale on TpT, please link me to it...I will consider buying/looking at anything since I have never taught this unit before, and all the internet resources I've found so far are for older grades.

Can't wait to hear from you soon!


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  1. Oh no! I wish I had some ideas. When I was in second grade, we would trace ourselves and add the organs and such a little each day with labels. I am not sure if that is exactly what you are doing.