Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Digraphs and a little Freebie

I had introduced digraphs to my kindergarten kids about a month ago, but some of my middle to low kiddos are still getting them mixed up all the time. We took a break from them for a few weeks, and I think they are ready to try again! I have a bingo game from kellyskindergarten.com that the students will play at centers this week.

I also have a digraph picture sorting activity from a Mailbox book for centers. It would be easy to get pictures from clip art if you don't have any pre-made resources. The sort itself doesn't take long enough to fill a center time slot, so I created the sheet pictured below for students to practice writing the words that correspond to the pictures. This way, they get practice sounding out words, too! Hope you can get some use out of it!

Wednesday tomorrow...Is it just me or does this week need to get over ASAP?!? Lots of meetings and meetings and meetings (we did not get President's Day off, it was a meeting day)...............is anyone else meeting-ed out?

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