Saturday, August 17, 2013

'Tis the Season! Link Up!

It's kind-of, almost, sort-of like Christmas for's the back-to-school sale at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's happening Sunday, August 18- Monday, August 19.

I am going to be a double-participant in this sale. I am hoping to sell some, but I'm also super excited to stock up on some clip art and fall products.  My wishlist is literally overflowing. It's actually on my to-do list to go through it and decide exactly what I want to purchase during the sale!

I've just finished up giving feedback on all of my recent TPT purchases (confession: I am now in the triple digits of units purchased, yikes!).  Remember, you can earn money towards your next purchase by leaving feedback on the units you purchase.  This sale is the perfect time to redeem all of your feedback points!

Here are some of my favorite products from my store that will be 28% off on Sunday and Monday. If you have questions about any of my TPT packs, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me! Click the images to learn more about each product.

Having a sale of your own?  Go ahead and grab this graphic to enter your own sale info on! Save it as a JPEG, insert into a PowerPoint slide, and put a text box over the white area to write in your own store info.

 Make sure you link your TPT store up to the linky below!!

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