Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Currently Time!

It's February 1st...time to link up with Farley for Currently!  WOW I just looked at how many people have already linked up and it's still only the first of the month!  What an amazing blogging tradition! :)
Here is my Currently...

Listening-My hubby is snow blowing the sidewalks around our apartment building because he works for the company that owns our building. It snowed today here in MN just in the nick of time for my Friday afternoon commute home..:(  An hour and fifteen minutes after leaving school I breathed a BIG sigh of relief when I pulled into my parking spot!!!

Loving- I get to watch my precious two-year-old niece Lucy tomorrow!!! I am SO excited to spend the day with that cutie patootie.  She loves our dog and always has to say, "HI, KONA!!!!" over the phone.

Thinking- Okay, I know I was born and raised Minnesota A.K.A. the Arctic Tundra BUT the weather this morning was just plain brutal for any human, native or not!!!  I really could have used a "frigid weather snow day".  I remember one winter day while I was in 4th grade, the governor closed all of the schools in the whole state because it was socold out.  Hmm why do I still live here again?!?!?

Which brings me to my
Wanting-Springtime. Soon. Enough said!

Needing-I have been feeling kind of restless with the same ol' routine lately. I am wanting some sort of diversion or little mini getaway. Any suggestions?

Pet Peeves- Moochers...yuck. No one likes a moocher in their personal or professional life!
Poor grammar. I'm about to delete some Facebook "friends" for their horribly worded status updates!  They are just stressing me out!!! I'm not the grammar police by any means but there should be some sort of a standard...yikes!
Dog fur on clothes-I think any furry pet owner can relate.  Not a fan of getting to work and realizing my furry friend had brushed up against my black pants and leaving a giant clump of fur all over.  Real cute.

The. End. Link up with Farley to join the fun!  OH and only about an hour to enter my Valentine's Unit giveaway. Click the picture to check it out!

And....I almost forgot! I'm sure you've already heard, but just in case you haven't, there is going to be a huge sale on TpT this weekend. 


  1. My dog tends to shed right before school starts and around both fall and spring conferences and chooses those times to rub up against me constantly! I keep a lint roller in my car and in my classroom...drives me nuts!

    The Eagle's Nest

  2. I'm so sorry to do this to you, but I am wishing for more winter! I know, I know, I'm sorry :) but I am totally not prepared for the Florida heat yet, yuk! I can relate to the dog hair peeve, my chihuahua sheds a ridiculous amount for his tiny size. I look like I rolled on the dog groomers floor after petting him. Have fun with your cutie cute niece tomorrow :)

    Xo Khrys

  3. -15?? Stay warm!! It is +19 here and I feel like I might freeze to death!

    Second Grade Nest

  4. Yikes! It was only -1 (with a -22 wind chill) here in Chi-Town, and all I wanted to do was curl up under a nice warm blanket. It is definitely the curse of living in the Mid-West. =) Snuggle up with your niece today. Hopefully since the groundhog didn't see his shadow, warmer temps are on their way!

  5. I found your CUTE blog from the currently!! I'm your newest follower!! I'm so ready for warmer weather!! 15 temps doesn't sound good at all:(

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  6. I totally understand the frustration with dog hair! I brush my little one every single day and yet he still sheds like crazy.. no matter how often I vaccuum, there is always more!