Thursday, March 29, 2012

Word Family Center

Since I incorporated some fairy tales like The Three Little Pigs into our week, I decided it would be a good time for my students to review the -ig word family! After all, ig rhymes with pig! My students read and sorted these -ig words into real and nonsense word categories on a pocket chart, then recorded their word work on the chart below.

Hope you find it useful for your class...I left the word family label blank so you can use it with any word family you choose!

I hope that my 100th follower finds me soon...only 2 more followers to go until a BIG Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I will be posting pictures from our teddy bear sleepover tomorrow...the students' teddy bears slept over at school tonight and made a little mischief while we were away! Can't wait to see the kiddo's faces tomorrow when they come in and see their teddy bears all around the classroom!

Happy Friday tomorrow!

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