Meet the Teacher

Nice to meet you!

My name is Kelly and I love teaching kindergarten in case you couldn't tell by my blog title!  2013-2014 will be my sixth year teaching all-day K in the suburban Twin Cities, MN area.

I live with my husband, Jon and our lovable mutt Kona.  We adopted her from a shelter last summer right after we returned from our honeymoon in Kona, Hawaii!

I am close with my family, especially my sister, Anna! We share the same sense of humor and love to hang out and just laugh!
Here we are at a Vikings game! Skol Vikes!

My wonderful fam!
I loved to run before I had a bummer knee injury about a year ago while training for my first marathon. I'm just now trying to pick it back up.  I have run (okay walk/jogged) the following distances in races: 2 mile, 5K, 4 mile, 10K, half marathon.  The half marathon was a huge accomplishment for me!

My friends and I have a book club together, and we always enjoy shopping, gossiping, and of course finding good happy hours to take advantage of:).

Thanks for stopping by!

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